We, at MAX International have often been asked …

“What the heck are the cows about???” and
"Don’t you guys know that cows are female – not male???”

Well, here is the answer to the first deeply philosophical question: why the cows?
FIRST, MAX International is located in Lancaster County, PA, one of the dairy capitals of this good ole US of A.
SECOND, did you notice our address? It is 2360 Dairy Road in Lancaster. Guess why.

Well, you got it. And that’s THREE. This whole area used to be dairy farms and there still is one just a few doors down.
And FOURTH, since so many companies have spokespersons to tell their story, it was perfectly logical for us to have spokescows, instead. And so, our great designer created The Moos Brothers – Abe and Amos – two smart-alecky, but very cool cows to help us tell our story. And that was only the start. Other cow characters have appeared at trade shows, special events, and, of course, in our hearts. Greats such as Elvis Moosley and Wayne Mooten, and, of course we can’t forget the famous, Marilyn Mooonroe!

And if you check out some of the special rooms in the Moos Brothers’ Club, you may find quite a lot of other famous members of the Moos clan. We hope you will. Oh, and as for that second question – you know – about cows being female, well, these are cartoons, so who cares?!?!