Welcome to Mother Moos' lil' ole website.

I am Mother Moos and you're not! Not that you'd want to be, anyway.

I live in a big ole' barn down on Dairy Road in Lancaster, PA. My family and I have decided that bein' in business is far more interestin' than just standin' around all day chewing up grass, so we got involved.

For years I've been treating friends and relatives to my secret recipe cocoa. So much so that they finally convinced me to let others try it.

Well, you can imagine. I nevah had any ideah how very popular it might be. Of coahse, I was always rather popular myself so I suppose my secret recipe might be so, too.

If you've come to visit me heah, that probably means you've tried my cocoa. I hope you liked it as much as my grandbabies, Chip and Patty do.

If you don' mind, I'd love to introduce you to some of my family from time to time. For instance ...

My boys, Abe and Amos -the Moos Brothers - became spokescows for one of our neighbors -MAX International.

Mother Moos

Justifiably famous for her hot cocoa, Mother Moos takes her responsibility as the arbiter of taste and good moral values quite seriously .

News from the Moos

The girls in the barn have been discussing the newest winter fashions. Annoying, isn't it?  Fall is barely here and everyone is already looking at winter clothing.

Not to be outdone by all the fashion magazines - the girls and I have made our own pronouncements about coming fashion trends. Click here to see what we have to say!


Mother Moos' Lessons for Living

1. No matter how awful things get, there's always time for a smile.

2. Pearls go with everything - just like cocoa.

3. Never overlook the corn on the ground.

4. Start and end the day sweetly and what happens in between will be bearable.