Mother Moos Fashion Trend Predictions

Colors for 2002-2003:

Black & White - always perfectly appropriate

Pink & Blue -  well at least we won't be getting the boys and girls mixed up.  Abe & Amos, after all, think they're cows.  I mean, REALLY!

Lengths for 2002-2003:

At our ages, we firmly feel that below the knees - all four of them - is far more attractive.  Of course, as in all families, there are a tasteless few who love to show off what they think are their lovely gams.  Well, let me tell you!  They really shouldn't.  Even my granddaughter, Pattie, is pushing it with shorts.

Of course one must be careful with longer lengths.  The point is not to appear dumpy, after all.  Nor do we want to spend much time trying to lift ourselves off our knee(s).  There's no "tripping the light fantastic" in this barnyard!  Clumsiness isn't very feminine - not to mention the bruises.


We think hats are back - or at least they should be.  Hats are a perfect camouflage for bad hair days and errant ears. 

And, of course, there's no such thing as too many diamonds.

We have decided, however, not to recommend backpacks as an alternative to handbags.  Josephine found hers to be somewhat awkward in function and made her look like she had an extra hump.  She does not like being compared to a Brama Bull.