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Here I am to tell you a bit about MAX.  For example ...

 What does MAX International Converters, Inc. do?

We take great big rolls of paper, often print logos or text on them, and then slit and rewind them into smaller rolls for point-of-sale terminals, kiosks, automatic teller machines, gas pumps and a wide variety of specialty business applications. MAX is surrounded by farms on Dairy Road in Lancaster, PA (Hence the MOOS Brothers).

What we are really known for is our custom solutions to complex problems ... and, perhaps, the Moos Brothers!

MAX International
- A Brief History
Prehistoric Times
Or One is the Loneliest Number
The first single-celled creatures had virtually no need for cash registers or ATM machines. It would require a higher level of evolution to appreciate the nuances of paper selection and basis weights.
Paleolithic Era
Or Asteroids 1, Dinosaurs 0
Dinosaurs were the first to appreciate fine wood pulp; however, an unfortunate meeting with an asteroid denied them the chance to properly develop paper technologies.

Pre-Modern Times
Or Maxwell Has A Smart Idea
In 1941, Maxwell Paper Products opened its first plant in Dallas, Texas. MAX was the east coast subsidiary of Maxwell until 1992.
Modern Times (1992)
Or Mother Moos Digs The Blues
Laura Clampitt Douglas took the East Coast plant independent and renamed it MAX International in order to show the international nature of its customer base. In 1998, the Moos Brothers are born. MAX International lives up to its "international" name.  MAX now has shipping locations in Phoenix, AZ as well as Canada and manufacturing facilities in Luxembourg and soon-to-come Perth, Australia.

How to reach us: MAX International
2360 Dairy Road
Lancaster, PA 17601


FAX 717.898.0970


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