Variable Printing  -- Numbering & Bar Coding
An industry leader in sequential or random numbering and bar coding meets the diverse needs of customers with custom sizes, colors, and special adhesives. For high-speed sequential numbering and bar coding, a UV Jetrion Printer mounted on a 9-color flexographic press gives your customers the capability to print up to eight colors plus a variable black print!

Great for short runs and harsh environment labels, our Markem press prints up to 4 thermal transfer colors, sequential numbers, bar codes, laminates, and die cuts in one pass. Choose from 24 ribbon colors. Our polyester labels stand up to the elements and our retro reflective labels reflect light back to the scanner during long range scans.

MAX offers variable printing capabilities on a digital short run system. The advantage of combining variable printing with digital printing is the ability to make every label unique. Whether you are printing serial numbers, barcodes, 2D barcodes, parking decals or date and lot coding on product labels, our specialists can print your black variable data on a static 4-color process labels with custom die cuts. Combining variable data with digital printing is especially useful when printing multiple copies of a label with variable data information.

MAX's variable printing includes:

  • Retro Reflective Labels
  • Warehouse Labels
  • Magnetic Labels
  • Asset Labels
  • Tags
  • Laser Sheets
  • Harsh Environment Labels
  • Polyester Labels
  • Most Materials, including Tyvek
  • Laminating